Ego vs. Self-Esteem


Mark addresses the difference between ego and self-esteem… two things you need to be good at for everything, especially when selling vehicles.

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Today I want to talk to you about the difference of ego versus your self-esteem. Two things you have to have to be good at anything you do: a good ego strength and you have to have empathy. Well, those are two very different things and often they become imbalanced. When your ego strength drives you to do things, to be more, to believe, to achieve if it gets out of control, what happens is for all of us, our strength becomes our weakness.

Put your ego in check and have high self-esteem. What that means is people with really extremely high egos often have low self-esteem, and they’re trying to convince everybody all the time, including their customers that they’re worthy, even though they don’t feel that they are. The best way that you can convey that you’re worthy is to focus on somebody else and balance out that ego by bringing it a little bit down and make the customer customer-centric and raise the self-esteem by knowing it’s about them and it’s not about you.

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