Perfecting Your Dealership’s Mobile Website Design and User Experience

On this week’s episode of Kain & Co., host David Kain is joined by Lyamen Savy, the CEO of a new website company called 321 Ignition. In this episode, David and Lyamen discuss the importance of having an excellent website user-experience and design on mobile platforms.

While new to the automotive industry, Lyamen has previously worked for Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft and Capital One. For 18 years, Lyamen has been a marketing expert, particularly in the areas of customer acquisition, revenue generation, and gross profit growth.

Almost every dealer uses one of the traditional website providers, and they tend to push for better user experiences and more responsive designs for desktop users. However, 321 Ignition has put a huge emphasis on mobile-first design rather than mobile responsive.

According to Lyamen, the key difference here is that mobile-first focuses on the user experience viewing from a small device. Mobile responsive websites are simply designed for a desktop that a mobile device then responds to. With a mobile responsive approach, the user experience can often fall short.

“With mobile devices, there’s a lot of native features that are built specifically for mobile,” says Lyamen. “So, when you are designing a website that is mobile-first, you’re thinking about those native features, and using those native features to improve and enhance the consumer experience.”

It all comes back to putting the customer first. Dealers who put the customer experience first will always be more profitable. To hear more from David and Lyamen, be sure to watch this entire episode of Kain & Co.

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