Over Engineering in Your CRM


We sometimes have too much engineering in our CRMs. In fact, David says some dealerships don’t concentrate on certain tasks being done properly. See how to avoid that from happening.


I want to talk to you about your CRM processes, and the fact that we sometimes have too much engineering in them. Let’s really grasp the concept of 100% quality task and 100% completion. And when you analyze the abandonment rate of your team when they interact in the CRM, you’re going to find the point where it’s too much stress and they tend to abandon it. They deemed the priority of that task is not so high. It’s a low-quality task in their opinion, and perhaps in their experience. Concentrate on every task being 100% quality, and then demand 100% completion. Fewer task done properly will get you much better results.

I’m David Kain. Thanks for joining me for this Sales Tip Of The Day here on CBT News.


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