OfferLogix EVP Aaron Bickart on the importance of transparent finance solutions for car dealers


Joining us today is Aaron Bickart, executive vice president and general manager of OfferLogix, to discuss the marketplace today in regards to the vehicle, the customer, and the monthly payment. OfferLogix is a platform that allows vendors to provide penny perfect payments to their dealers. 

Today, the customer experience is more important than it has ever been before. In order to make the experience 100% frictionless, OfferLogix provides a lease and finance payment that is calculated in real-time which dealers can use consistently across all of their mediums of advertising. At the same time, dealers can customize how they want to go to market.

This also means, that for marketing purposes, dealers can completely structure and customize their deals independently from the OEM. This is the point at which digital retailing often begins. It is the moment when customers engage with dealers. OfferLogix considers all of the mitigating factors from vehicle make, model, trim level, customer credit score, trade-in, and much more to provide that penny perfect payment.

Bickart and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick also tackle the challenges that are facing the marketplace today in regards to the vehicle, the customer, and the monthly payment. Many of which, happen in the F&I department. The pair then discuss the importance of dealers aligning themselves with the right vendors and tools, and what’s next for OfferLogix.

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