Mapping Out the First and Last Hours of Your Day


In auto retail, things can slip through the cracks during your process. Glenn Pasch suggests mapping out the first and last hours of your day with a checklist to prevent that from happening on today’s Tip of the Day.


As one dealer said to me, “The automotive business is a business of distractions.” I couldn’t agree more. As I travel around and work with dealership groups, what I find is a very, very fast-paced day-to-day running for all the employees, and a lot of times what they try to do is remember everything that they have to do. Ultimately, things do fall through the cracks.

My recommendation, or my tip today, is to really map out two hours of your day: your first hour of your day, and your last hour of the day. What I’ve done is I’ve implemented a checklist, a very simple checklist, to say “Here are the things that I have to get accomplished in this first hour.”

Think of it like a pre-game … or a pre-flight checklist for a pilot, right? We have pilots. We get on planes a lot, and we assume that the pilots have been flying for a lot of times, but every single flight they go through their checklist, so they don’t miss something. Then when they land, they go through their checklist again.

Why don’t you try and implement that? Map out on a checklist your first hour of the day, and your last hour a day, so nothing slips through the cracks. That’s your tip of the day.

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