Re-evaluating Your Engagement Strategy

Cory Mosley Strategy

How do you focus on engagement and what does that really mean to you? Cory says greeting people on the lot is easy, but suggests other steps to take engaging with customers even further.  


My encouragement to you today, for all the sales people watching this, is to focus on engaging your customers. Engagement is all that matters in terms of our process to be able to sell our customers. Now, again, when somebody walks on the lot you can create that engagement because they are there. I want to focus on what’s happening on the telephone and, potentially, on the internet. You’re handling internet leads, if you’re doing phone followup or taking inbound calls, one of the steps of your process that it might be a good time to reevaluate. What’s the engagement step? How are you getting customers to call you back? How are you getting customers to want to come in and visit the dealership? What are the next steps that you are taking? See, the process isn’t simply something that we layout and it gets laid out for you in the script, it’s something that you have the ability to control and have the ability to influence.

So, my question and challenge is, when’s the last time you’ve re-evaluated your engagement strategy?

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