Leadership expert Mike Robbins on staying focused and ramping up for a prosperous 2022

It's not how you start but how you finish.

The holiday season can be jam-packed with sales and added stress and right now, many of you may be in the thick of it. On today’s show, we’re speaking to a leadership expert to find out what you can do to stay focused and ramp up for a prosperous new year. We’re pleased to welcome back Mike Robbins, speaker, coach, author.

Robbins says it’s important to acknowledge what has been a challenging year for businesses. He says it’s not how you start but how you finish. It’s important to stay focused and finish strong while at the same time, most of us have been on an emotional rollercoaster, that looks like it’s going to continue. And hopefully next year, we can reflect on some of the lessons learned from this year.

If you think about the economic reality right now, compared to March 2020, it’s pretty remarkable to see how strong we are says Robbins. People are more exhausted and it’s important to take care of your people. He says because it’s the right thing to do and secondly, employees have options and opportunities to go other places.

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Robbins says there are two reasons why people work. They work for money and appreciation and purpose. Does your team feel valued and have a sense of purpose? He says it’s important to have a personal connection with each member of your team.

A growth mindset is when people believe they can develop through dedication and hard work. Look at everything that comes your way, like it’s an opportunity to grow and learn. When you’re going through something challenging, Robbins says there is a tendency to ask, why is this happening to me? But if you change the word to, to the word for, that’s a very different question, why is this happening for me?

One of the challenges Robbins believes we’re going to have is figuring out to integrate this on the other side of Covid. It’s important for businesses to continue being as creative as possible in how they engage with their team and customers. He says to remember to take care of yourself, so you will be able to take care of your team.

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