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Kia enters new era of mobility with the rollout of its PBV strategy

Kia's PBVs will play a key role in achieving the Group's SDx vision

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Kia unveiled its Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) future strategy. Kia’s PBV business will first revolve around introducing an all-new, modular car, the Kia Concept PV5.

As several established manufacturers abruptly scale down their electric vehicle (EV) strategy, Hyundai, which comprises Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia, remains committed to advancing electric mobility across multiple markets.

Hyundai’s software-to-everything (SDx) strategy includes developing the Kia PBVs as a comprehensive mobility solution that blends functional EVs with cutting-edge software solutions. The Kia PBVs feature advanced, customizable interiors that provide flexibility and freedom, aiming to redefine space and open the door to new enterprises and lifestyles.

According to Ho Sung Song, president, and CEO of Kia Corporation, “Kia’s PBV business represents our vision of going beyond the traditional concept of automobiles by fulfilling the unmet needs of diverse customers and communities through optimized vehicles and services catering to specific markets and business circumstances.”

Furthermore, Kia’s PBVs will play a key role in achieving the Group’s SDx vision by providing customized solutions based on client usage patterns through three distinct phases of the brand’s PBV roadmap.

  • In the first phase, Kia intends to launch the Kia PV5, a flexible EV with conversion capacity for a range of client needs tailoring for key industries like utilities, delivery, and hailing. The goal of improved data connectivity between cars and outside data, including delivery or route information, is to make it easier for several vehicles to operate together as a software-defined fleet.
  • Phase two will see the completion of the dedicated PBV model lineup and the evolution of PBVs into AI-powered mobility platforms that communicate with users and assist with vehicle updates through data. By integrating PBV solutions, a personalized and seamless experience across hardware and software can be facilitated.
  • Kia aims to connect with the upcoming mobility ecosystem in the third and final phase to develop highly customizable, bespoke mobility solutions. This will enable Kia PBVs to transform into tailored mobility solutions that cater to individual needs.

“Kia PBVs will usher in a new era of smooth solutions for daily business and living.” Karim Habib, Executive Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design, stated, “We aim to make our customers’ lives easier and better, whether they’re stationary or on the go, by offering exceptional flexibility and customization through radical modularization.”

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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