Jonathan Dawson on how car dealers can create more value for their customers

What added value are you offering to offset the customer's thought that this is too high?

Sellchology, a term coined by sales trainer Jonathan Dawson, is the philosophy of selling through psychology. In today’s digital environment it is critical for sales teams and managers to understand this in order to be more effective in the market. That’s why each month, right here on CBT News, Jonathan walks us through strategies to better influence buying behavior on his show, Mind Your Own Business. Now, he joins us today to discuss how dealers can create more value for their customers.

When a consumer is buying a product or service at a premium price, it often breeds resistance to the price. If the customer goes through the experience and it’s not overwhelmed with value, it leads the customer to wonder if they made a mistake. Dawson says that reluctance leads to regret. Regret eventually leads to remorse. Remorse leads to resentment and resentment leads to retaliation. Retaliation can come in the form of a lack of great reviews.

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customer experience

Dawson says you have to invest in the customer experience. He encourages dealers to add an out of market addendum. He doesn’t think it’s wise to have addendums that are universal across every buyer. It’s a misunderstanding of the future of the market. What added value are you offering to offset the customer’s thought that this is too high?

People will pay for extra effort. Dealers should look at the type of effort they are putting into leads. Don’t forget to add ease and efficiency. Consumers will also pay more to work with an expert. Make sure you’re educating the consumer on the marketplace. Provide an exclusive experience that feels special to the customer. Make sure your environment is welcoming.

Dawson is also opening up a training center for automotive in Atlanta. It will be designed to solve any problem within your dealership. They will offer service training, recruitment, and marketing training. He says they want to provide real solutions to dealers. The facility is set to open early next month.

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