Is digital retailing here to stay in the automotive industry?

digital retailing

With the ease of smartphones, a vast majority of shopping is done online these days, so it’s no surprise that the retail automotive industry has followed suit. The industry is adapting quickly and companies like CarSaver, who partnered with Walmart, are making the digital retailing experience easier for consumers. Joining us on today’s show is Chad Collier, CarSaver’s CEO and Co-Founder to discuss the company’s growth and how they’re working with dealers through the purchase process.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital retailing in the automotive industry, but a vast majority of sales are still taking place in brick and mortar auto dealerships. Since February, online car buying went from a consumer desire to a necessity for many, putting retailers with digital retailing offerings at an advantage.

CarSaver is an end-to-end digital retailing platform that makes it easy to buy and sell new and used vehicles online. They are helping auto dealerships modernize the traditional car purchasing experience, many of whom, lack the infrastructure to provide customers with a digital retailing experience.

The question then becomes, is digital retailing here to stay or will dealers return to normal once COVID-19 does not pose as big of a threat? Collier believes that digital retailing is definitely here to stay, not just in the automotive industry, but in all industries.

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