How Well Do Your Employees Know Your Dealership’s OEM?


Working in a dealership requires dedication and commitment. Whether a GM, a salesperson, or even a lot technician, the day-to-day objectives of each position in the dealership demand hard work and attention to detail. There is little time to think about anything happening outside of the dealership.

The primary objectives usually revolve around putting people into vehicles they love and helping them stay happy with that purchase for a long time. With all everything going on inside the dealership, it is possible for dealership employees to lose sight of the bigger picture. Outside of the daily grind of selling cars, parts and service, there is a whole wide world of activity going on in the automotive industry.

This begs the question, how much time and attention should dealership employees pay to the automotive industry as a whole? More specifically, how important is it for dealership employees to know what is happening with their franchise’s OEM?

Dealer Principals and General Managers may express varied opinions as on the matter, but the bottom line is that employees, especially customer facing employees, need to pay attention to major developments with their brand and with the industry as a whole. Here are three reasons why:

  • Customers Appreciate Knowledgeable Staff

Customers look to dealership personnel as experts at what they do. If a customer has a question about a product or service, they expect the salesperson, or other dealership personnel to be able to provide answers.

The same can be said for industry news. If your brand is coming out with an exciting new product, or there was a major announcement about an automotive breakthrough, customers expect to discuss the matter intelligently with dealership staff.

  • Knowledge can Generate Excitement and Passion

Something can be said for taking pride in work. In the current employment market, it is becoming less common for a salesperson to stay at the same dealership for more than a few years. It is even less common for employees to enter the car business with sights set on making a career of it. Employees are more valuable and will last longer when they take pride in their work.

An employee who seeks to understand what is happening outside the walls of the dealership, in respects to their OEM brand and industry news is more likely to get excited about their job. They are more likely to be passionate about the business and about their brand, and may even stay longer in their position.

  • Better Informed Employees can make Better Decisions

What happens when there is a parts shortage, or a plant closure? The effects can trickle down to your dealership very quickly.  If an employee is unaware of what has happened, it can be very awkward, if not entirely frustrating to a customer who has been affected.

It is very important for a salesperson to be in-the-loop when it comes to industry news and events involving your brand. With timely information, better decisions can be made, better planning occurs, and better relations can be maintained with customers.

There are many sources for brand and industry news to help employees keep current. They range from manufacturer websites, to industry news sites. By granting employees access to this information, and allowing regularly scheduled time to digest it, you will notice a positive impact on your dealership.