How to ‘Stop Living On Autopilot’ and take control of your future – Antonio Neves

Antonio Neves, an award-winning journalist, renowned speaker, author, and leading success coach, has said, “You’re just one decision away from a better life, better career, better relationships, better health, better wealth—a better anything.” This certainly holds true as many of you have probably found yourselves stuck or at a standstill at some point in your journey with a decision to make. 

Today on Inside Automotive, we’re diving into the principles mentioned in Neves’s latest book titled Stop Living On Autopilot: Take Responsibility for Your Life and Rediscover a Bolder, Happier YouNeves has also been featured on the TODAY ShowForbesPBS, and, to name a few.

Before becoming a success coach, Neves spent over ten years of his career in New York City’s television industry. During his time at NBC, Neves traveled the country, profiling the country’s top CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs. The one thing these professionals had in common was that their organizations had outstanding leadership and development cultures. That was the catalyst for Neves’s interest and future ventures in the business coaching world. 

“As a success coach, I can’t tell you how many clients come to me who are crazy successful, bank accounts look good, the benefits look good. They have the white picket fence, but inside they are really unfulfilled, and they know they have to shift because they’ve been living on autopilot too long,” explains Neves.

When people reach a breaking point in their lives or careers, Neves says the biggest mistake they make is isolating themselves from others. No one who has accomplished anything of significance did it alone, but research shows one out of five Americans have no one to talk to when they’re going through challenging times. Even before the pandemic, there was an epidemic of loneliness. The most significant piece of advice Neves gives to people is, don’t do it alone. Seek out support, guidance, or coaching. 

When you transition from doing great work to good enough work, and you’re living on autopilot, you are no longer learning like you once did. You are no longer building strong relationships. You have settled for the status quo. When you’ve stopped being bold and you’ve stopped being courageous in your pursuits, you’ve settled.

Neves says there are so many constant pain points for the folks who are in, what he calls, the mid-career crisis. They’re trying to figure out where to start and what to do next. They realize they want to make a shift in their career in some regard. It could mean leaving and changing to a different industry or pursuing a different path at their current organization. So Neves doesn’t advise people to quit their jobs immediately or anything like that, but he invites them to get curious. There’s an opportunity right now for the great recommitment.

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