How to Leverage Technology In Auto Sales – John Grace


Is it time for your dealership’s DMS system to be updated? Or is it time to look into getting a new one altogether? No matter the reason, finding the right DMS for your dealership is one of the more important decisions you can make. Joining us to answer commonly asked questions and provide some helpful insight is John Grace, Associate Vice President of Operations for Dealertrack DMS.

If you are considering making a switch with your DMS system, it’s likely that a multitude of questions rushes to mind. Your dealership’s management system often becomes the host software and gatekeeper to your finances, sales, inventory, and administration database. Any changes with your DMS can significantly help and or hurt your daily process. Spending more time making sure you are changing to a system that is catered to your specific dealership needs is vital.


John’s experience in high-technology began over two decades ago and has lead him into the industry he loves most, automotive. In 2011 John joined the XTime team and was there up until this past year when joined dealer track DMS. Along with the rest of the auto community, John has seen a lot of change influence the industry’s new ‘tech-driven’ direction over the years.

He explains how the technology curve, specifically in regards to the auto industry, runs at a different speed. It typically takes some time for anything new to build steam and catch-on. That is exactly what happens when high-technology was introduced to the car sale market. Many resisted and pushed it off for as long as they could but there is no more hiding from it. Technology and auto retail go hand in hand and if you are for it, it’s very likely you are not maximizing your time, resources or potential.