’s Newest Product Release with Jake Wittler

Jake Wittler, Senior Product Marketing Manager with, joins us on CBT News to talk about’s recent product launch, Social Sales Drive.

Social Sales Drive combines inventory solutions from, Dealer inspire’s product ‘Conversations’, and Facebook Marketplace in order to connect customers with dealers more quickly and efficiently. feeds over their customer’s full used inventory which can then appear in relevant Marketplace searches. Then when customer’s go to Marketplace and find a vehicle they like, they will be able to connect with that dealer through click-to-call or Facebook Messenger. will validate that consumer’s information, feed it to the dealer’s CRM, and then the dealer and consumer can continue regularly with the car buying process.

Facebook Marketplace is making Social Sales Drive a part of their core offerings, so starting on its release it will be available to all franchise dealers. Dealers simply need to reach out to their local representative who will be able to set them up with Social Sales Drive along with their standard package.

With social media playing such an integral and constant role in our everyday lives Jake Wittler says that recognizes the importance of making sure the dealer can connect with customers through an array of social media platforms, and Social Sales Drive is the next step. PCG’s recent study found that Facebook is twice as effective about connecting and engaging customers that other methods such as paid search. is constantly coming forward with solutions for customers that allow them to take full advantage of all the ways to engage with shoppers on social media. is excited about continuing to help their customers get the most out of social media and they are very excited about their newest product release of Social Sales Drive.