How to find hope and embrace the challenges of life — Dr. Randy Ross, Remarkable!

In his brand new book, “Fireproof Happiness: Extinguishing Anxiety & Igniting Hope,” Dr. Randy Ross makes the case that hope and happiness are integrally related. Today Inside Automotive, Dr. Ross, founder, and CEO of Remarkable! dives deeper into the concepts from his book and explores the four core beliefs of hope.

After persevering through COVID and the challenges of lockdowns and supply chain interruptions, Dr. Ross wanted to try to provide some solid wisdom and suggestions people could use to become more hopeful and embrace the challenges of life.

“I wanted to write a book that would provide hope for people,” says Dr. Ross. “Regardless of where they were in life. And there are different ways to approach it, but I wanted to approach it from a scientific standpoint.”

After combing through over 200 peer-reviewed research papers on the efficacy of hope, Dr. Ross put the findings into simple language that everyone can apply to their lives. People who are high hope individuals are about 14% more productive than lower hope individuals. Meaning that high hope individuals can do as much in six days as their counterparts do in seven.

If you’re a leader of an organization and you want to boost productivity, you need to consider how your workforce is infused with hope. Leaders have to help their staff embrace a set of four beliefs about hope, including:

  1. Positivity: The belief that your tomorrow can be brighter than today, no matter how bleak the situation may be.
  2. Responsibility: Refusing to be a victim of circumstance. Realizing that you have control over certain elements in your environment.
  3. Agility: There’s more than one way to reach the desired destination. One pathway may be blocked, but you can circumvent it and go a different route.
  4. Width: The group that you’ve surrounded yourself with that will either provide the additional resources to help you reach success.

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