On today’s show, we are pleased to welcome Sam Naimi, CEO and Co-Founder of AutoHub, an innovative automotive platform designed to help dealers buy more trade-ins at higher margins.

AutoHub’s in-store tool is the core solution that the company offers, and it is the foundation that makes their new online tool so successful. For those who are unfamiliar with the in-store tool, AutoHub is the only in-store appraisal system that takes mechanical condition into consideration when appraising a vehicle. The national average across dealerships shows that 14% of vehicles have hidden mechanical issues, but AutoHub is able to mitigate tens of thousands of dollars in what would otherwise be unforeseen issues.

However, the tool is much more than that. Dealers can customize their own appraisal process, and add specific questions to the AutoHub check-list, which can devalue the vehicle based on a particular formula. All of this information gets transmitted through the AutoHub platform, and any dealership member can update their specifications in real-time. This creates a clear and cohesive report for both the appraiser and the customer. 

AutoHub has a number of high volume dealer clients that have 65-70% look to book. AutoHub clients also acquire vehicles at much more favorable rates while being transparent with the customer. With the success of the in-store tool, AutoHub is piggybacking off of that technology to create a sophisticated online tool.

In addition to the shifts in consumer behavior and the digital trends taking place, dealers really had a need for a tool that helped with online trade-ins and appraisals. Before AutoHub tackled this area, dealers were making complaints that the phone numbers from the leads received in their other trade tools were fake or not active. They were also unhappy with the amount of time that the trade tool process was taking. Some dealers were also not receiving or collecting enough information for the tool. AutoHub eliminates these obstacles with two key components. The first being, full customization of the trade values online, and second, contactless appraisals.

To find out more, visit www.autohub.io

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