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How the power of persistent follow-up will unlock extra sales – Sean Gardner

Closing a few extra sales each week can have a profound impact on your bottom line, fueling your success and driving your career forward. In today’s episode of CBT Now, Sean Gardner, Instructor and Sales Trainer at the Joe Verde Group, will guide us through the process and inspire you to reach for those extra sales.

Key Takeaways

1. One of the most effective strategies to increase sales is to focus on customers who have visited the dealership but left without purchasing. These unsold customers represent “the hottest, closest” prospects since a significant percentage (38% within the first four hours, 57% within three days, and 90% within a week) will likely buy a car shortly after their initial visit. Salespeople need to do a better job following up with these customers to re-engage them and bring them back to the dealership.

2. Effective follow-up involves a multi-step approach. Gardner suggests a quick turnaround text, followed by an email within 20 minutes of the customer leaving the dealership, and a phone call if there is no response. The content of these communications should be compelling and personalized, such as highlighting the car they showed interest in or offering additional incentives. The goal is to get the customer back into the dealership for another opportunity to close the sale.

3. Your role as a salesperson is pivotal in the follow-up process, not the Business Development Center (BDC). Gardner emphasizes that you should not rely solely on the BDC for follow-up. High-performing salespeople, those who sell 20 cars or more a month, typically excel at follow-up. It’s crucial for you to take initiative, be proactive, and have a solid plan for following up with your prospects, empowering you to drive your own success.

4. Salespeople often hear common objections from customers, such as needing to think it over or wanting to look at another car. While handling these objections is important, it’s equally crucial to ensure that these customers are encouraged to return to the dealership. Gardner suggests that you need to be bold and fearless in your follow-up, understanding that not every prospect will convert immediately but that persistence can pay off in additional sales. This will instill in you a sense of confidence and hope for increased sales.

5. Gardner underscores the importance of returning to basic sales principles to improve performance. Many dealerships struggle with follow-up, a fundamental aspect of the sales process. Salespeople can close more deals by focusing on simple yet effective strategies like timely and personalized follow-up. Gardner reminds viewers that while the strategies may seem basic, they are often overlooked, and adhering to these foundational practices can lead to significant improvements in sales.

"These customers that leave without buying, we're either gonna get them back and have them buy from us, or they're gonna buy from our direct competition." – Sean Gardner.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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