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Whether you’re talking with a customer on the phone, in a virtual meeting, or on the showroom floor – it’s imperative that car salespeople deliver incredibly engaging sales presentations. They need to be able to have great conversations with immediate access to the information they need to answer customers’ questions. And they need to be fully transparent about vehicle pricing, discounts, equipment details, reconditioning work, history reports, and special dealer programs and perks. Every salesperson must be an expert on every vehicle in inventory and be able to have value-based conversations that immediately establish rapport and trust with car buyers.

VelocityEngage digital portfolios empower salespeople to be confident when delivering sales presentations because they contain all the information that car shoppers want about the vehicle of interest, the dealership, and their financial options – on one page.

Embedded in a widget or link, VelocityEngage digital portfolios can be placed on inventory pages, sent via text or email, shared across social channels, or sent from the CRM. When a car shopper clicks the widget or link – an immersive and dynamic digital portfolio opens that contains videos, reports, photos, and other documents such as:

  • Reconditioning Records
  • Service History Reports
  • OEM Window Stickers
  • Certification Information
  • eBrochures
  • Inspection Results

The layout of each VelocityEngage digital portfolio allows salespeople and BDC agents to have logically flowing conversations – beginning at the vehicle summary specifications and then into more detailed vehicle information – such as presenting the original factory window sticker, the dealership’s recon investment, and factory brochures and videos.

By providing all this information upfront in this share-friendly format, salespeople can build vehicle value while justifying pricing and demonstrating the quality and safety of each vehicle.

Digital portfolios also contain a Dealership Reputation section that can contain a wide variety of assets to show shoppers why they should do business with your dealership, such as:

  • Vehicle Return Policies
  • Dealership Reviews
  • Value-Add Program Info
  • Departmental Intro Videos
  • OEM Technology Videos & Brochures
  • Safety Policies
  • At Home Test Drives & Delivery Info

When salespeople and BDC agents use VelocityEngage digital portfolios in their sales presentations – it also ensures a consistent process across the dealership. The layout facilitates a collaborative and guided sales experience that saves shoppers time and makes the transition to the showroom seamless.

Along with process consistently, VelocityEngage enables salespeople to be product experts of all makes and models on your lot. By having instant access to a vehicle’s OEM window sticker, service history report, reconditioning records, ebrochure, and CPO info – salespeople will be able to intelligently present any vehicle and answer customer questions.

VelocityEngage digital portfolios also drive VDP engagement by up to 34x. Upon opening a digital portfolio, shoppers get immersed in the documents, photos, and videos that it contains. Portfolio media assets are completely customizable for each vehicle or by make and model – and automatically populate each digital portfolio, with no uploading, scanning, or printing necessary.

Most importantly, because VelocityEngage digital portfolios are accessible on inventory search results pages (SRPs) and vehicle details pages (VDPs), they are always working for the dealership. They can also easily be configured to send automatically through the CRM – so that every internet lead gets a digital portfolio. Salespeople can share portfolio links on their social channels or text them from their mobile phones – which requires no more effort on their part than what they are already doing to try to engage potential buyers.

Today, VelocityEngage digital portfolios are live on some of the largest, well-known automotive groups in the United States – such as Sonic Automotive, Morgan Automotive Group, Premier Auto Group, Lithia Motors, Greenway Auto Group, McLarty Daniel Automotive, and Berkshire Hathaway Automotive.

Developed by Velocity Automotive Solutions, which was founded by Hugh Hathcock, Founder of ELEAD1ONE – the VelocityEngage development team launches bi-weekly product enhancements based upon dealer feedback. This unique and dynamic digital vehicle and dealer automotive sales presentation solution delivers on car buyer expectations by enabling salespeople to provide a truly transparent and easy digital retailing experience.

Find out how to address your digital retailing pain points, by visiting Velocity Automotive Solutions today.

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