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How Jody DeVere is Zooming Her Way Through 2020

I adjust my new selfie light-ring (a Best Seller on Amazon), check to make sure my high-quality podcast mic volume is good, change my virtual background to set the stage, and start my video… another day Zooming along in 2020. Utilizing technology options like Zoom and other forms of video conferencing is a brave new world for many automotive industry trainers and trainees. I highly recommend making time to subscribe to Zoom learning opportunities with consultants, trainers, community builders, and industry professionals to enrich your insight, knowledge, and capabilities.

Navigating all the new apps and technology options to create new ways of doing business has actually been a rewarding experience. I came to the automotive industry 20 years ago from the high-tech world. I cut my professional teeth on the fast-changing technology space. Not only did that industry have major up and down financial swings it also launched new products at a head-spinning pace.

In early March I converted one-bedroom in my home to a “virtual green-screened” office. My collection of virtual backgrounds can accommodate about every Zoom occasion. Virtual training, consulting, conferences, conventions, meetings, and more meetings. Then there are the fun and meaningful Zoom Yoga classes, mindfulness meditations, church services, birthday parties, and family reunions. The Zoom family reunions are something I have especially enjoyed. In fact, I wish we had been doing these pre-Covid as I love reconnecting with family all over the world.

ZoomEarlier this morning I checked the weather forecast on my iPhone before setting off on my daily walk and observed the daily “walkers” travel the neighborhood with me, safely distanced, getting some fresh air and sunshine and, like me, adjusting to the new normal of exercise. As I walk, (using my iPhone to count my steps), I am mentally preparing my grocery list for an Insta-Cart delivery by 5 pm, I’m missing some ingredients for dinner. I’ve literally become Betty Crocker’s sister and Grill-Master during the past few months, cooking all the family favorites and learning from several epicurean blogs finding new recipes, including how to make sourdough bread via YouTube. For the first time in years, I have started an herb and vegetable garden using Pinterest posts as my guide. Returning home from my morning walk, I stop to admire my seven heirloom tomatoes, the first fruits not quite ready for harvest.

Oh, the joys of technology abound!

Humor defined is the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.

My dog, a one hundred forty-five pound Newfoundland named Tess and I have formed a new walking strategy. She hates social distancing! She loves everyone and every dog and wants to greet them personally and up close! Every evening I take in out front let her sniff all the other dog scents left by passing neighbors, then sit leash tightly in hand for her to watch the evening passers-by as she whimpers so sadly as they march along, some wave, some just move quickly perhaps intimidated by her huge dog size. She strains on the leash each time, so wanting to greet them to get a good sniff and pets. One evening recently I was distracted, her leash wrapped around my wrist and she took off full speed and literally pulled me like a skier sliding on my sandals half-way across the lawn before I could stop her. (Laughing).

Keeping my sense of humor and seeing the irony about life right now truly helps.

Resilience defined is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness and the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

My perspective, history, and experience reminds me daily to take all the needed steps to thrive in darker times, cut expenses, support my employees, customers, and my professional peers and network and to remember to take care of myself health and mentally. It appears this challenging time frame for our industry is a marathon, not a sprint.

During my more “mindfulness” moments, I  picture myself and our industry as a grove of beautiful trees the landscaper got carried away pruning during these times. We look forlorn, leafless, and barren, cut down to our bare trunks. However, our root system is strong and pushing hard to grow deep, intertwined with our neighboring trees, gathering all the nutrients provided from the solid,  fertile and rich soil fertilized with innovation,  we are all planted in.

Hope you are also feeling excited and hopeful to be part of the automotive industry re-growth as it develops,  Zooming along together in 2020.

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Jody DeVere
Jody DeVere
Jody DeVere is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, spokesperson for the automotive industry, and CEO of Ask Patty, a publication that offers training, education, and marketing support on how dealerships and other automotive retailers can more effectively target women consumers.

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