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Digital retailing inspired by the next generation

Allow me to break down digital retailing in its most simple form. It’s the utilization of a website to allow consumers to purchase products...

How the emotional state of consumers impacts their buying decisions

Think about your last purchase...was it an emotional one? On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Jeff Shore, founder of Shore Consulting, trainer, and...

5 simple ways to master the professional F&I video call

There was a time when no dealership (and certainly not F&I) thought much about handling any part of the car-buying process over video, but...

Digital tools can’t replace your F&I manager, but they can make...

Twenty years ago, a finance and insurance manager was one of the most respected managers in the dealership. They could make or break your...

Is on-the-job training effective for employee development? – David Kain

In the last year, dealers have made many changes to their operations, but are training and employee development overlooked now? On today’s show we...

How Jody DeVere is Zooming Her Way Through 2020

I adjust my new selfie light-ring (a Best Seller on Amazon), check to make sure my high-quality podcast mic volume is good, change my...
automotive newscast

CBT Automotive Newscast: July 15, 2020

Today's Featured Interview: DealerPRO Training CEO Don Reed on Rebooting Your Fixed-Ops Department: With a shortage of technicians, strained advertising budgets, and a national pandemic, it...