Trying hard helps. Still, most people in sales do everything but what they really need to do to sell more cars.

They’re happy, they love their job, their dealership, their customers and often put in double shifts. The problem is they don’t sell hardly anything, because only a few people actually buy from them.

At the end of the month, when they only have a few sales on the board, their numbers stink and so does their paycheck.

Here are a dozen things you may be good at, and still not sell anything. Identify the ones that describe you…

  1. I love cars and the business
  2. I am a product expert
  3. I have a great attitude
  4. I have a professional appearance
  5. I’m outgoing, personable and friendly with everyone
  6. I love talking on the telephone
  7. I know my inventory inside out
  8. I am a goal setter
  9. I am extremely organized
  10. I come to work to work
  11. I care about my customers
  12. I am a team player

With all those great attributes, and abilities, why aren’t you selling more vehicles each month?

Because those aren’t selling skills! It’s the lack of selling skills that keeps 80%+ stuck at average.

If You Want To Sell More… 

  1. Control The Sales Process

This doesn’t mean follow customers around the lot answering questions. It means asking them questions and leading them through the process.

  1. Understand & Follow The Basics

My 8 steps lead customers through the buying process to turn them from a prospect to a delivery.

  1. Ask The Right Questions

Most salespeople hope if they tell people enough, they’ll buy. But you don’t tell your way to a sale, you ask your way to the sale.

  1. Effectively Bypass Price

Only talk price once you’re inside and the customer has made a total ‘mental’ commitment to own the vehicle.

  1. Close The Sale Until It’s Closed

People are nervous about spending 20-120 grand, so they say “no” a lot. They don’t mean it, but most salespeople don’t know how to deal with it.

  1. Close On Their Objections

Most are created by salespeople. Stop creating them and it’s easy.

  1. Follow Up Unsold Buyers

They’re gonna buy – you did 80% of the work, so get them back quick.

  1. Follow Up Previous Customers

They will buy again, that isn’t the question. Make sure it’s from you.

  1. Prospect Personally

Stop wasting your days waiting for ups. Unsold buyers + repeat customers + new prospects = a great career in sales.

  1. Leads & Incoming Calls

Learn how to add these to #9.

  1. Negotiate Successfully

Negotiation is a skill, not a price dropping contest.

  1. Track Everything You Do

You have to know what you ‘do’ so you know where to improve. If you don’t know – you can’t grow!

Note the areas you need to work on, then make a decision to turn pro in sales – you’ll be glad you did!  JV

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