How car dealers can best showcase their value on Twitter

When it comes to Twitter, it's about the power of conversation.

Virtually everyone in the automotive industry has been talking about the chip and inventory shortage and its impact. But not much talk has surrounded relief. What happens when the industry returns to normal supply? 

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Guy Schueller, Industry Director of Automotive for Twitter to address the chip shortage conversation and share insight on how car dealers can work to build their brands on Twitter in order to showcase their value.

twitterConsumers are now identifying microchips as a reason they can’t get a car. Schueller says they’ve seen 137% growth in the last 6 months around the conversation of microchips. Each social platform has a unique strength. He thinks it important for car dealers to know, who’s managing their digital presence, to understand the strength of each platform. The good news is the auto conversation has not slowed down but it’s healthy and it continues to grow.

While the conversations are being held, Schueller says they are starting to see more negative sentiment related to the auto shopping experience. It’s important for car dealers to not pull back right now. Schueller’s biggest concern is that brands and car dealers have to learn how to play the long game.

If you have an account on Twitter, follow @TwitterBusiness. Schueller says that is the place they are always talking about brands, car dealers, and small businesses that can get involved on the platform. He also says to check out professional profiles. You’re able to set up an ad account and do commerce within the platform. If consumers are going to be holding on to their vehicles longer, how are dealerships talking to customers about service and keeping them loyal? Being relevant is critical.

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Schueller says the EV conversation on Twitter is very healthy. He says they typically have a forward-looking audience. They’re the first adopters of a lot of things. Schueller says they may be the first to come into your dealership and ask, where are your EVs? Car dealers need to recognize what their dealership is evolving into. The dealer will play a key role in helping consumers decide through the online purchase process about what they’re going to do.

When it comes to Twitter, it’s about the power of conversation. Are you being discussed? Are you active? Twitter is a great platform to shift consumer perception. Schueller says you need to invest in your brand. He says the cheapest and easiest thing you can do, is to keep the customers you already have.

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