Getting the Customer to Like You to Close the Deal

trial close
You have a separate agenda from your potential buyers.  You want to sell a car right now. They, in the meantime, don’t even know if they can trust you.  So, David explains how to build rapport.


Video Transcription

Our Tip of the Day comes from David Lewis. Let me tell you what you can do. See here’s what you can do. And I think it’s really better than trust and rapport. You can get people to like you. Like is a big thing. And it’s easily attainable.

See when people like you, the sales process goes smoother and the negotiations go easier. And it’s easier to close the deal and create higher grosses. I’m not a combative person; I don’t like having a combative environment. I don’t want to go into negotiations that are combative, and they are usually combative if I haven’t built a point where the customer likes me.

Now how do you get people to like you? It’s simple: stop the pressure, stop the trial closes. Do what’s best for them. You do a great meet and greet. You stay away from questions that create lies. You show them all the different cars that you have. You let them pick the one they like. You ask them to take a test drive. You walk them through your service department. Don’t trial close them; sometimes people are negative when we trial close them. Stay away from all that. Find a car they love. Let them drive it for a period of time. Do a great demonstration. Do a great service walkthrough. And then sit down and close them.

And you’ll find that when people like you, the negotiations become much easier. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are never going to get rapport and you are never going to get trust, but you can always get someone to like you.

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