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Ford unveils the new F-150 Lightning Flash with extended battery range

The truck also consists of the hands-free, lane-changing version 1.2 of Ford's advanced driver-aid system.

Ford is launching a new F-150 Lightning model called the F-150 Lightning Flash, a technologically advanced vehicle that includes most of the features that current customers love and costs less than $70,000.  

With the addition of in-demand tech features like an extended-range battery with a targeted EPA-estimated range of 320 miles, available Ford BlueCruise hands-free highway driving, and a standard 15.5-inch touchscreen for easy interactions and navigation, the F-150 Lightning Flash builds on the XLT model line

The F-150 Lightning Flash starts at $69,995 but doesn’t include the destination fee. This model appeals to buyers looking for longer drives because of its increased battery range of 320 miles. The truck also consists of the hands-free, lane-changing version 1.2 of Ford’s advanced driver-aid system. Additional noteworthy features include a 15.5-inch touchscreen, power tailgate, keyless entry, and a wireless charging pad.

It’s important to note that Ford’s $7,500 federal tax credit still applies to the Flash version. This enhances the attraction of the vehicle and helps potential purchasers overcome the expense.

The automaker’s choice to release the Flash demonstrates its dedication to meeting its evolving consumer needs. Ford wants to take market share away from EV rivals like Tesla as more consumers place a higher priority on technology and increased battery range.

Customers will be able to acquire the F-150 Lightning Flash through Ford’s online store beginning in early 2024. Consumers looking for cutting-edge technology and longer battery life will find the Flash to be an appealing alternative, sitting just below the Lariat and above the XLT trims.

Ford has also adjusted the prices for its other 2024 Lightning models. The least expensive trim, the 2024 Lightning Pro, is still $49,995. A small price rise brings the XLT standard range to $57,495. The price of the Lariat extended range is still $77,495. Notably, the limited-edition F-150 Lightning Platinum Black with extended range starts at $97,995, while the Platinum trim’s price drops by $2,000 to $89,995.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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