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Ford doubles down on the production of its hybrid F-150 pickup truck

In an S&P Global Mobility report, the number of hybrid vehicles sold in the U.S. will more than triple over the next five years, reaching 24% in 2028.

As a precaution against American truck buyers’ reluctance to switch to all-electric pickups, Ford aims to double the production of its hybrid F-150 pickup trucks in 2024.

The automaker stated it’s planning to equip 20% of the best-selling model lines in the U.S. with gas-electric powertrains by 2024. The hybrid powertrain will sell at the same price as a truck equipped with a six-cylinder “EcoBoost” combustion powertrain. 

Vice President of Ford Blue unit Andrew Frick claimed, “We are building some upside into the production schedule.” According to Frick, demand for hybrid powertrains, now available as a $3,300 option on some F-150 models, has increased over 10% of all F-150 sales.

The hybrid F-150, which will compete with Toyota Motor’s RAV 4 small SUV, could rank among the top three best-selling gas-electric vehicles in the U.S. if sales reach Ford’s revised estimates.

On the other hand, Toyota also provides a hybrid technology in their large Tundra pickup truck. According to sales figures, around 24% of the 59,735 Tundras sold in the U.S. through June 30 were equipped with hybrid powertrains. During the same period, Ford sold almost six times as many F-series trucks.

Ford’s strategic shift toward increasing the usage of hybrid technology sets it apart from rival General Motors, which is pursuing an all-electric approach for its future U.S. lineup, including its Chevrolet and GMC pickup models.

EV sales in the U.S. are increasing, but at a slower pace than industry executives expected since many consumers object to high prices alongside fears of range and charging. 

However, in an S&P Global Mobility report, the number of hybrid vehicles sold in the U.S. will more than triple over the next five years, reaching 24% in 2028.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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