Five Ways YouTube Can Fit into Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy


You may think YouTube is only for cat videos, video game walkthroughs, and beauty tutorials, but car buyers have turned the platform into a prime resource. Many times, their buying decisions could hinge on finding that exceptional car walkthrough, test drive, or informational video. So, how influential is YouTube regarding dealership marketing? Take a look at these stats:

  • Seventy percent of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they saw.
  • Twenty-two percent of buyers purchased the make and model of the car they first searched.
  • Time spent watching test drives, features, and options, and walkthroughs doubled on YouTube within a year.
  • YouTube has over 1.9 billion monthly active logged-in users.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but YouTube videos are turning out to have endless things to say. So, how can this platform fit into your marketing strategy? Take a look at the ways below.

Showing Customers What to Expect 

One of the most popular reasons that customers are viewing YouTube videos related to cars is for test drives and car walkthroughs. Many like to get a preview of the vehicle they are interested in before they come into the showroom. Viewing test drive and walkthrough videos has become a pivotal part of the customer’s car-buying research process. So, they will appreciate this content and will be more apt to give your dealership a chance because of it.

Bring in Traffic to your Inventory Pagemarketing

That test drive or walkthrough video can serve another purpose. Now, instead of just giving your customers more information in video form, you can also help navigate them to your dealership website and inventory page. How convenient would it be for customers to see a car in action and then click a link in the description to be taken to that specific inventory listing? The more straightforward you make it for customers to find your cars, the better.

Use it as an Opportunity to Improve Customer Interactions

The comments are there for a reason. When you post a new video, customers are likely going to want to ask questions about the car, and may even need some help finding out whom to talk to next. So, have your marketing team keep an eye on the comments under a posted video. Your staff can direct them to the sales team for more information or can help get them set up with a test drive. Also, in each video, be sure to list your phone number and remind the viewers of how they can get in touch with your team directly. 

Connect Your Video to an SEO Strategy

Today, when you search for the answer to a question or information about a specific subject in Google, it is likely that a YouTube video will also come as an answer to the query. So, make sure you are connecting your video’s subject to a keyword. For example, include keywords related to your location, vehicle model, or video topic (informational video) in the description as well as in the title. This step will allow you to utilize some SEO strategies that can help your video show up in relevant searches. 

Use it to Boost Your Promotions 

Expand your marketing strategy by attaching a video to your promotions and incentive campaigns. You can use video to inform customers of your promotions, invite them to come in to take advantage of the sale, and give them the information they need to decide if the promotion will benefit their budget. Again, video can allow you to creatively reveal information that can captivate and motive your customers to engage with you and your dealership. Also, in addition to the video, be sure to use the description. You can include a link for customers to redeem a coupon or use a discount.

Final Thoughts 

YouTube has a higher influence during the car buying process than newspapers, TV, or magazines. It is the new preferred medium for sharing information and engaging consumers. Overall, you have an audience of billions to reach and bring in to your showroom. So, don’t hesitate to use the power of video marketing to take advantage of YouTube’s reach.