Five Dealership Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


While podcasts may seem like a trendy activity, they have definitely become a valued training and educational resource. Podcasts allow you to access information that is critical to what you do. Where else can you hear crucial business-related insights, best practices, and helpful advice from knowledgeable and experienced professionals, typically for free?

Many people have their favorite entertainment or self-help related podcasts, but did you know that are quite a few aimed at dealers? Even amid COVID-19, you can still get information that you would likely only be able to get at a conference or networking event through dealership podcasts.

So, which dealership podcasts should be on your radar? Take a look at some shows you may want to check out in your spare time. 

Auto Success Online Podcast 

While the Auto Success Online podcast does focus on general topics that other dealership podcasts highlight, it also puts a significant spotlight directly on leadership and customer management. Their podcasts focus on everything from time management to customer retention strategies and handling business continuity in a crisis. Auto Success Online podcasts allow listeners to hear how other dealership professionals are developing sound leadership and management practices. 

Auto Remarketing Podcast


It can be challenging to go through dealership news headlines each day or even each week. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the automotive industry and hear from those disrupting the automotive selling process. The Auto Remarketing podcast fills this role well. The hosts and guests discuss many new trends emerging in the automotive industry, like digital retailing and online sales processes. The episodes also feature interviews from top automotive executives where they discuss how they navigate these new sales and marketing concepts. The Auto Remarketing Podcast is one to check out if you need advice on managing this new era of dealership marketing. 

CBT Automotive Network Podcast 

Want to know how your peers are managing their dealerships in the automotive industry? The CBT Automotive Network podcasts enable listeners to hear how dealership CEOs, managers, marketers, and many other automotive professionals handle the ins and outs of running a dealership. From motivating employees to offering exceptional online customer experiences, the CBT Automotive Network is there to help dealers grow their automotive businesses as well as themselves and their staff. The CBT Automotive Network podcasts are great for listeners who want to better manage customer, vendor, and employee relationships as well as improve general operations. 

The Dealer Playbook

podcastsWhen it comes to managing a dealership, or any business, your success is more than just about revenue. You could be beating out your annual goals, but still feel stressed, unfulfilled, and unmotivated. The Dealer Playbook offers sound advice on how to stay grounded as a dealership owner. Through interviews with automotive professionals, the Dealer Playbook guides dealers on how to stay going the course even when things get tough. Their Wednesday Word and Friday Fire episodes dive even deeper into helping dealer owners develop the internal strength needed to be successful, and keep their team motivated. 

The Used Car Dealer Podcast 

This one bypasses the fluff to get to the information that used car dealers need the most. Even though it is a relatively new podcast, industry veterans, Zach Klempf and Steve McClory, share advice and tips on how used car dealers can improve their business. Their recent episodes have addressed managing inventory, digital retailing, picking the right digital dealership tools, and handling competitors (namely Carvana). Their episodes strictly address issues facing independent used car dealers. For those who want to get in front of the competition and strengthen their used car marketing and inventory strategies, this is the dealership podcast to add to the list. 

Dealership Podcasts Are Invaluable, Especially Right Now 

Dealership podcasts allow you to get the tips, best practices, and advisement from professionals who are on the ground and doing the work. Also, podcasts enable you to still gain information that benefits your business as well as your staff, even if you cannot attend a traditional conference or dealership networking event. Whether you need guidance in developing a more robust sales strategy or finding the right marketing approach, a dealership podcast can help you develop strategies that benefit you in the long-term.

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