Logistics issues with Rivian Automotive Inc. continue to make buyers unhappy, with dozens taking to forums to complain that the company’s delivery plans have caused lengthy delays or that customers who ordered their vehicles later have already received them. Frustrated customers say the company’s production process is flawed and unfair to those who ordered their cars early and still do not have them. 

In late April, Rivian notified customers via email that it would be prioritizing certain vehicles over others regardless of what order the purchases were made. The company said it will prioritize vehicles with less interior complexity and produce cars with the same wheels and body paint colors in “batches.”

Rivian’s email indicated that “building in few build combinations reduces complexity with our suppliers and in the plant and allows us to build a greater number of vehicles.” 

The latest complaints are not the first for the company, as it faced an uproar after raising prices in early March, even for customers who had pre-ordered the vehicles. Rivian backtracked on the decision, but many angry customers said they would be canceling their orders. 

As startups typically have a more challenging time adjusting to unfavorable market conditions and disruptions, Rivian has undoubtedly been impacted by supply chain problems and rising inflation. However, the Amazon-backed automaker reportedly has more cash available than other new companies.

Despite all of the snags, Rivian says it still has over 90,000 pre-orders for its R1S and R1T vehicles.

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