Don Reed on key strategies to help your service team get the highest ROIs

The real key is management, says Don Reed.

Have you purchased equipment for your service team that isn’t being used? Or maybe it just isn’t being used as often as it should be? You’re not alone. Dealers often run into this problem, but there are protocols you can implement to get the highest return on your investment.

Joining us now to give us his recommendations is Don Reed, CEO of DealerPRO Training, one of the nation’s top fixed-ops training platforms for dealers and host of CBT’s show, Service Drive

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One of the big things dealers need to focus on is accountability says Reed. We have to hold our management team and those employees working for that manager accountable for their performance and compliance with whatever the new company policy is.

mechanicThe real key is management. They need to pay attention to what’s going on in the service drive and/or service department says Reed. They also need to be tracking the performance of the people supposed to be using the equipment. He says the advisors and technicians need to be properly trained.

Reed says what they have found is that every dealership has the capacity to produce hours but doesn’t know how to do it. They have an acronym COE, condition of employment. It’s not an option says Reed.

It’s our job as automotive service professionals to make sure we properly train the customer on how to maintain that vehicle properly. Reed finds that customers are appreciative of a good service advisor. He says that every time they see a dealership’s sales and repair order go up, their CSI normally goes up with it.

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