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How to improve email marketing effectiveness in 3 simple tips

When you mass email contacts with broad messages you ruin your database. Case in point, my dad recently bought a gently used Hyundai Sonata....

Don Reed on key strategies to help your service team get...

Have you purchased equipment for your service team that isn’t being used? Or maybe it just isn’t being used as often as it should...
digital voice

Introducing to the automotive world

Proactive Dealer Solutions emerged as one of the industry's leading BDC solutions providers and has pioneered innovative BDC concepts, which have evolved into better...

The importance of mastering Google’s Dealer Guidebook for effective digital marketing

Google is the largest source of information that not only helps us with daily tasks, but also allows businesses to reach wider audiences by...

Video communication during service visits breaks the trust barrier

According to a 2020 study by CDK Global, 55% of consumers identified distrust as one of the main reasons for choosing aftermarket service providers...

A guide to understanding the ROI of your phone calls

Every interaction you have with a customer has an impact on your bottom line and the reputation of your dealership. Whether that touch point...
force marketing

Force Marketing CEO John Fitzpatrick on Today’s Auto Marketing Recovery and...

When the pandemic first hit the United States in early March, dealers began to revaluate their department budgets and overhead costs to offset the...

Improve the ROI of Remarketing Campaigns

It is very common for auto dealers to run remarketing campaigns, also known as retargeting. Remarketing is a form of online advertising that puts...

How To Measure the Return On Investment For Automotive Events

Perhaps you’re trying out your own marketing plan or you might have hired an out house agency to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for...

The 5 Best KPI’s to Boost Marketing ROI

One of the questions auto retail marketers often ask is, "How do I know if my marketing campaigns are delivering ROI?" Unfortunately, the question doesn’t...