Do Your Customers Want to Tell People About You?


Everyone has a ‘why buy’ message. However, Glenn wants to know when your customers do business with you, do you make them feel good about their why buy? Are customers leaving the dealership wanting to tell everyone about you? If not, Glenn suggests doing this.  


Want to throw something at you that’s a little bit different way of thinking. I know we talk about your why buy message. Why should someone buy from you? But you have understand sometimes that what the real goal is, is to get your customers to feel a certain way about doing business with you.

Yes, you’re telling them, this is why you should do business but when they walk away, are they proud that they did business with you? Are they going to go and share the fact that they did business with you with their friends and so that their friends are excited as well and say, “Oh you did business with them? I know they’re a good part of our community. I know they do really good things for everyone else.”

You see how this works? It isn’t just, hey, we do good. When you’re here, we take care of you, that’s part of it but it’s where do you fit in the ecosystem of the town. And I know a lot of you dealers who are listening to this, you do a lot.

You’re probably one of the biggest donaters of things in your community. Meaning, you’re charitable contributions to the Little Leagues, to the towns, to whatever. The key is, do people know about it so they feel good about doing business and want to brag that they did business with you?

It’s a little different mentality so don’t be ashamed about bragging about all those charitable things that you do. It means a lot to the people in your community and it may win you over some new customers.

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