The Importance of Wearing a Name Tag

name tag

When you meet your customers, they aren’t really listening to you. Instead, they’re figuring out whether or not you’re trustworthy. On today’s Tip of the Day, David Lewis explains the importance of wearing a name tag.


Everyone wants to sell more cars in the digital age, but it’s very surprising to find out how email communications can be improved to increase two-way engagement.

As my partner and I looked through hundreds of email templates every month, it’s surprising how many email templates don’t ask the consumer a question. Email templates are often designed to present information, but they’re missing one key ingredient.

Make sure that every email that you send out from your CRM asks the consumer a question. You want to increase the opportunities for two-way engagement because without two-way engagement, you’re not going to get that consumer to engage with your business and get them in the showroom.

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