On today’s CBT Newscast for Tuesday, September 26th, 2017:

Tony Zolla: How a face-to-face profile rating system improves sales
Imagine if consumers could take the concept of Fantasy Football and use it for choosing the top salespeople at your dealership. According to Tony Zolla, Chief Product Officer with Cars.com, they can, with what they’re calling “Salesperson Connect.” Watch Now

Overlooked Sales in the Service Department
The backbone of sales is prospecting, constantly looking for new sales opportunities. Let’s do some prospecting close to home, in the service department. Here are four examples of common customer needs that get overlooked. Read More

Earning Respect and Reputation: Great Lakes Auto Group
Joey Huang’s father was a doctor as is his three siblings, and he was also expected to have a medical career. And, he did — well sort of. Huang actually is a dentist. He’s a graduate of Ohio University College of Dentistry but his future took a left turn when a summer job sparked an interest in selling used cars. Read More


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