Daily Newscast: Transparency in your appraisal process | EVs in demand despite low fuel prices | Add-Ons Boost Your Bottom Line | Tactics for Recruiting Young Salespeople



On today’s CBT Newscast for Wednesday May 10, 2017:

Maintaining transparency in your appraisal process
Joe sits down with Steve Stauning, Founder and President of SteveStauning.com, to discuss how being transparent with your customers during the appraisal process can help put more names into your CRM. Watch Now

12 Tactics for Recruiting Young Salespeople
Implementing significant changes in your sales process will go far in attracting young, well-educated salespeople and increase your employee retention rate. Easily the biggest challenge I hear from dealers is they can’t find and retain young, well-educated salespeople… Read More

Electric vehicles still in demand despite lower gas prices
With gas prices falling and remaining under $2.40, you’d probably expect the need for electric vehicles to fall as well. However, according to a recent AAA consumer survey, 15% of Americans are likely to buy an electric vehicle as their next car—close to the percentage of consumers who plan to buy a pickup truck instead… Read More

Luxury Trims and Add-Ons Boost Your Bottom Line
New car sales have been affected significantly by low gas prices and an influx of SUV and truck sales. From 2015 to 2016, new car sales were down 9 percent across all brands. Despite the lower sales figures, new car sales remain profitable, especially in luxury brands and vehicles with specialty add-ons. The ticket to their success lies in the convenience features that enhance a customer’s enjoyment of their new car. Read More