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On Today’s CBT Newscast for Thursday, June 1st, 2017:

MIT Study: Dealers aren’t keeping up with technological advances
In a study performed earlier this year, M.I.T.’s Age Lab revealed that the dealership employees researchers spoke with “were woefully unprepared to educate prospective buyers about safety technology and automated driver assistance programs…” Kristin Kolodge, Executive Director of Driver Interaction and HMI Research for J.D. Power, says dealers should be more informed, obviously, but the study wasn’t really that accurate. Watch Now

5 Strategies That Will Turn Your Employees Into Leaders
Developing your employees into leaders isn’t an instantaneous shift—so it’s important to start now. In my experience as a manager, I’ve found that these five strategies are vital to start developing the skills that will benefit you and your employees. Read More

Mary Barra: How GM to figure out what consumers want
During a recent Q&A at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra was asked about the car buying habits of the American consumer and how GM figures out what customers want and when they want it. Watch Now

2 Ways to Improve Your Online Used Car Ads
In our sales careers, the simple things we learn can make the biggest increases to our earnings. All new salespeople start their careers by telling prospects about the features of their products, and wonder why their words don’t stir up any excitement in the bored clients. Read More

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