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Are Auto Manufacturer’s Incentives Running Wild? – Steve Finlay | How to Reduce Dealership Theft Risks | Providing the Ideal Car Buying Experience for Single Parents

Today on – Monday, July 22nd, 2019:


Are Auto Manufacturer’s Incentives Running Wild? – Steve Finlay, WardsAuto
We’re pleased to have Steve Finlay, Editor of Ward’sAuto Magazine, on CBT Automotive Network. Steve talks with us in regards to a recent article he wrote in the Ward’s Auto Magazine about crazy incentives that auto manufacturers offer to consumers. Steve says that some of the more common incentives range from deals for graduating college students to military members, however, there are some that are more outrageous than others, such as incentives for funeral directors. To hear more about these incentives and how dealerships are keeping track of them check out the full interview with Steve Finlay above. Watch Now

newscastHow to Reduce Dealership Theft Risks
Car and part thefts are a big problem for dealerships. Inventory sits out on display, where open-door policies make them especially vulnerable to casing. Many lots are not well secured, and even those that are seemingly safe from the outside might not be safe from internal thefts staged by employees. Compounding the problem is the rising issue of internet scams that take advantage of dealership ease-of-access. In order to protect dealership inventory, it’s important to identify risks and neutralize them as best as you can. Here are five ways threats you should address right away. Read More

newscastProviding the Ideal Car Buying Experience for Single Parents
According to Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief at, “more than 60 percent of women are the sole decision-maker when it comes to purchasing their next car…” Also, one-in-four mothers are raising their children on their own. This group of shoppers has unique concerns about the vehicles they are driving as well as the customer experience associated with purchasing them. If dealerships fulfill these recommendations, not only will they open the doors to more consumers, but they will also likely build greater customer trust and brand loyalty in the long-term. Read More

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