Providing the Ideal Car Buying Experience for Single Parents


As of the last Census in 2012, there are 85 million mothers in the United States with children under 18. While the talk about enhancing the dealership customer experience typically involves general conversations about men and women, a recent survey centers on this group particular group. surveyed more than 1,000 moms to inquire about their needs when shopping for a car. Their profound responses can help dealers begin to address the rising truth that more women—especially moms—are making purchasing decisions regarding car ownership.

Ultimately, mothers are looking for convenience and efficiency, much like every other customer group. Their recommendations can help dealers bring these characteristics to the overall customer experiences.

So, read on for the specifics of what moms are looking for as well as our takeaways from this recent survey study.

Kid-Friendly Dealership Showrooms

The study revealed that 36 percent of mothers said it was very or extremely important for dealerships to create a kid-friendly environment. While dealerships may not need to go to the expense of building day-care centers, it is wise to begin to think of ways to create activities for children to do while parents are shopping.

Information on How Children Can Stay Wired in Carsparents

In today’s world, children are becoming more and more attached to devices than ever before. Whether it be a phone, iPad, or laptop, children expect to have ways to access their gadgets on the road. As a result, mothers who responded to the survey said they wanted more information on the plugs, adapters, and charging options available in the cars.

Real-Life Reviews from Other Parents

No one knows if a car works for families than another parent. As other data has shown, individuals are influenced by the recommendations and reviews of peers. Mothers are no different. Survey respondents expressed a need for dealerships to collect and display car reviews from other parents who have driven and purchased a vehicle. Not only can this help current parents make decisions about the cars that are deemed family-friendly, but it can also help customers who may not yet be parents, better plan for their next vehicle.

Better Details Regarding Safety Information

Safety is a top priority for most parents, and rightfully so. They want to feel as if they are investing in a vehicle that will protect their families. The mothers who responded to the survey echoed this sentiment. They felt that current reviews are not as detailed when it comes to safety features. So, much like the information regarding parent reviews, dealers may also want to include information like this with each listing online so that it is easily accessible in the showroom.

Offering a “Kid Score”

When it comes to driving with kids, a car that is designed with children in mind can make life easier for parents. During the survey, mothers requested that vehicles have a “kid score,” which would let parents know how easy it is to unload and load children as well as the ease of installing child car seats. A car that makes these processes straightforward can bring the efficiency and convenience parents are looking for throughout their day. So, again, much like the previous two entries, this information should be included in a place the is easily accessible for customers and sales professionals.

Final Thoughts

According to Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief at, “more than 60 percent of women are the sole decision-maker when it comes to purchasing their next car…” Also, one-in-four mothers are raising their children on their own. This group of shoppers has unique concerns about the vehicles they are driving as well as the customer experience associated with purchasing them. If dealerships fulfill these recommendations, not only will they open the doors to more consumers, but they will also likely build greater customer trust and brand loyalty in the long-term.