XTIME Data Shows Increase in Online Engagement | Subaru Earning Trust, One Paw At A Time | Wholesale Club Costco Joining Automotive Retail Biz


On today’s CBT Newscast for Monday, February 26, 2018

XTIME Data Shows Engagement With Online Appointment Scheduling Systems Up 56%
A dealerships’ online engagement and technology needs to be keeping up with how customers are using theirs. Jim Roche, Division Vice President of Marketing and Managed Services at xtime, wants you to know the importance of making sure your Dealership appointment systems have the online capabilities to support the needs of customers. Watch Now

Subaru Is Earning The Trust of Consumers One Paw At A Time
As a dealership, you’re always looking for new and creative ideas to market and advertise your specific store. When it comes to your dealership’s advertising, how do you touch your customers locally? Subaru has found a way to draw in consumers amidst a crowded marketplace of advertising ideas. Watch Now

Wholesale Club Costco Joining Automotive Retail Biz
If your dealership could get a piece of a program that sold more than 520,000 cars last year, would you seek out this lead-generation resource? Business Insider says Costco’s auto program said it sold more than 520,000 cars last year through its partnerships with dealers, more than 6% over 2016 sales figures. Read More


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