Data Shows Increase in Online Engagement in Scheduling Appointments

Engagement with Online Appointment Scheduling

A dealerships’ online engagement and technology needs to be keeping up with how customers are using theirs. Jim Roche, Division Vice President of Marketing and Managed Services at Xtime, wants you to know the importance of making sure your Dealership appointment systems have the online capabilities to support the needs of customers.

Xtime is a leading retention solution company for the retail automotive industry, increasing retention for OEMs and dealerships by delivering a premium customer experience Digital engagement. They recently conducted a study that pulled Data from 2017 to find out how are engaging with the market. Results show online activity from a desktop has increased 5% as appointments and engagement made by mobile devices are up 56% in a year. Jim says that 22% of the total interaction between the customer and dealership accrued after normal business hours. Rising the question- do you have the right software in place to make sure your customers’ needs are met after the lights go out for the day on your lot?

To make sure you are not missing out on an opportunity and your customer does not go elsewhere, Jim Suggest that you implement a robust appointment scheduling system. This system needs to be able to accommodate a simple request for scheduling appointments but also features that allow a customer to describe, request or inquire about any potential needs or issues. By making this an available option for your mobile heavy users, you are taking the right measures to avoid missing out on any major opportunities.

When you provide customers an easily accessible platform to maintain all of their car maintenance and scheduling needs you allow them a feeling of confidence. The more a dealer can deliver a solution to the customer, the longer and stronger that relationship between you and the customer grows. Make sure that you have a system that supports that for you!