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Proven Techniques to Boost Participant Performance Back in the Store | How Much Profit is Your Service Department Losing From Missed Calls?

On today’s CBT Newscast for Tuesday, April 10th, 2018:

Proven Techniques to Boost Participant Performance Back in the Store: Forrest Heathcott, President JM&A
For over 40 years, JM&A Group has provided F&I business solutions to help make automotive dealers more successful. Forrest Heathcott, President of the company, joins CBT News at NADA 2018 where Jim Fitzpatrick congratulates Forrest and the JM&A team on their years of success and asks what their plans are to keep the momentum moving forward. Watch Now

How Much Profit is Your Service Department Losing From Missed Calls? – Traver Connect
Sales BDC was a buzz word roughly twenty years ago. Now, the service department is buzzing and along with it comes a BDC to help. John Traver, Chief Executive Officer of Traver Connect, joins CBT News from the NADA and told us about how much money a service department and dealership can lose from missed calls a year and how to fix it. Watch Now

Automotive Digital Marketing – A Car Dealer’s Guide to Success
Today’s digitally connected, always on the go, and modern consumers, are the current auto shoppers. So, in order for automotive dealerships to target these modern consumers, they have to become just as online and digitally connected. With an ever-changing industry, like the automotive industry, it’s even more important for dealerships to find ways to sell more cars and get ahead of their competition. Read More

Enhancing the Customer Experience at Your Dealership
In today’s competitive market it’s critical to differentiate your dealership from others. Strategic touches go a long way to bringing people in. Take Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz of Newport Beach, California, for example. They offer a number of personal touches, among them, free airport shuttle rides to the nearby airport. By doing so, they create recurring foot traffic and brand loyalty. You too can tap into these dealers’ successes. To start, decide today what your brand, theme or character is. What makes you distinct? Read More

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