How Much Profit is Your Service Department Losing From Missed Calls? – Traver Connect


Sales BDC was a buzz word roughly twenty years ago. Now, the service department is buzzing and along with it comes a BDC to help. John Traver, Chief Executive Officer of Traver Connect, joins CBT News from the NADA and told us about how much money a service department and dealership can lose from missed calls a year and how to fix it.

According to John, Dealerships miss an average of three calls a day. It’s estimated that each call could be worth $270.00. If you do some simple math that means that you could be losing, at a minimum, $810.00 a day and that’s before multiplying it against how many days a month and months in a year. When John explained that to our CBT News team it raised a couple of eyebrows, thankfully, he has a solution that can not only save a dealer that amount of money but one that can also grow profit.

We all know that sales and service are not the same beasts. The show rate is different; the type of caller is, It’s noisy and there are a lot of moving parts. John and Team at Traver Connect made sure when it came time to build their Service BDC, they kept that in mind.SERVICE

From beginning to the end Traver Connect will find, schedule, track, and retain any of your service BDC needs. Their goal is to create a customer experience that keeps your customers coming back time after time after time until it’s time to buy the next vehicle.

Their mission is simple, they want to take your dealership’s information, simplify the process and build a roadmap for each store.