How a Customer-Centric Process Benefits Your Dealership


Is your sales process dealer-centric or customer-centric? Cory says you might want to take a look at the customer-centric process that’s designed to benefit them, not your dealership.


Our Tip of the Day comes from Cory Mosley.

So here’s my question for you today: Is your process customer-centric or dealer-centric? Let me explain what the difference is. The dealer-centric process is a process, which is designed around how you want to internally deliver vehicles. So how do you do a write-up? How do you do a walk around? How do you actually facilitate delivery?

Most of us haven’t looked at it in today’s marketplace. In the marketplace where the customer wants to get in and get out, where nobody has any time, and where everybody is go, go go, many of us as retailers have not looked at the customer-centric version of the process. So I am challenging you today, whether you are a salesperson or a manager watching this video to re-examine this process, and say, “Have we built a process as individuals or as an organization that’s designed for our customers to engage us in the way they want to, or one that’s simply designed to be convenient for us?”.

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