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Cox Automotive launches Central Dispatch Enterprise to revolutionize automotive logistics

The next phase of Central Dispatch’s transformation will include a significant release planned for August.

Cox Automotive has announced the first phase of Central Dispatch’s transformation has been completed with the launch of Central Dispatch Enterprise. Large automotive shippers and brokers can now utilize this new, customizable package of end-to-end capabilities, offering a private marketplace solution that has already facilitated the movement of over 400,000 vehicles in just a few months. Central Dispatch Enterprise leverages actionable market intelligence powered by a vast set of first-party data. It includes a full suite of APIs, providing clients with robust tools to control their supply chains and focus on serving their customers.

“Central Dispatch is the logistics marketplace driving our clients’ businesses,” said Joe Kichler, vice president of logistics at Cox Automotive. “With this transformation, we are doing more than evolving the platform—we are simplifying the entire transportation experience for shippers, brokers, and carriers. The release of these enterprise capabilities is a big leap forward, and we look forward to bringing similar benefits to even more clients later this year.”

Key Capabilities

Large automotive shippers and brokers can efficiently manage their operations from a single location using Central Dispatch Enterprise. Key features include:

  • Private Marketplace Solution: This provides large shippers with an exclusive space and specialized tools within Central Dispatch’s platform to manage dispatches and interact directly with their curated network of carriers. The private marketplace automates vital processes such as negotiations and dispatching, increasing efficiencies. Clients can also move loads into the open market when desired, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Carrier Benefits: The private marketplace simplifies carriers’ operations by providing a reliable place for inventory and early access to the new Central Dispatch carrier mobile app. This app allows transporters to manage and complete transactions from any mobile device, including creating electronic bills of lading (EBOLs) and performing delivery inspections.
  • Market Intelligence: Powered by Cox Automotive’s extensive first-party data, this suite of products offers insights to guide transportation decisions, from pricing to capacity management. Brokers can enhance transportation speed and profitability, while carriers can optimize routes and minimize empty spots on their trucks.
  • APIs: These enable seamless connectivity between Central Dispatch and other core technologies shippers, brokers, and carriers use. The APIs ensure secure data exchange, making Central Dispatch a powerful hub for running transportation businesses more efficiently.

Two major brokers, including Ready Logistics and Nexus Auto Transport, have already adopted the Central Dispatch private marketplace solution. Ready Logistics launched its private marketplace in mid-March, contributing to the more than 400,000 vehicle moves facilitated by Central Dispatch in just over three months.

“Central Dispatch is the only vehicle logistics brand operating a private marketplace solution at this scale today. We’re just getting started,” said Lainey Sibble, senior director of business operations for Central Dispatch.

The next phase of Central Dispatch’s transformation will include a significant release planned for August, bringing similar value to all shippers, brokers, and carriers. This will consist of the general availability of the all-new carrier mobile app and a more connected workflow throughout the Central Dispatch marketplace. Clients can expect continual enhancements throughout the fourth quarter and beyond to increase transportation speed and profitability.

Central Dispatch plans to set a new standard in the automotive logistics industry with its innovative solutions. They provide clients with the tools and insights needed to thrive in an increasingly complex market.

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