Corwin Automotive Sees Strong Sales Despite Inventory Challenges

Corwin Automotive


Even during the pandemic, consumers have shown that cars are still a necessity. Many dealerships are dealing with a shortage of inventory as sales outpace production. Jeff McConville, owner and operating partner of Corwin Automotive Group of Springfield in Missouri has seen strong numbers throughout the quarter. He took some time to talk to anchor Jim Fitzpatrick about strong sales and managing time while inventory numbers are low.

Like many dealers, Corwin Automotive has had record-breaking months in May and June across their 11 stores throughout the midwest. Jeff is happy to report that volumes, grosses, and nets are up group-wide. However, as the industry moves through July, inventory levels are shockingly low. Instead of regular shipments, Corwin Automotive is only seeing a few vehicles coming in at a time.

“We pretty much try to stay used-car focused. We’re still purchasing a lot of cars. Still trying to sell 1.5 of what we sell to new, and if we can’t, we get up to 2 to 1,” says Jeff. “We just got to focus on that, raise our grosses, and make it in other areas like service and parts. We’re doing everything we can to offset new business.”

For more great insight from Jeff McConville, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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