Be Consistent, To Be Persistent for Better Sales

Mark Tewart

Mark Tewart says you can learn from this baseball players routine and improve your results in sales and productivity on today’s CBT Tip of the Day.

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Be consistent to be persistent and vice versa. If you’re consistent, you’ll be persistent. That will lead to better sales. That will lead to better profits and better productivity. I recently heard a pitcher that had retired that had been a very good big league pitcher for many years. Talking about how he achieved his results, and also what he had done to help other younger pitchers coming up in the system to get a lot better results in what they did. He was super consistent in his daily routines of what he did to get him better. Both in his diet. Both in the way that he woke up. His daily plan. His mental, his physical approach. Every single thing he got into a rhythm and he was very consistent and that led to him being persistent and when he put those two together, he got much better results.

Well guess what? The younger players that were being interviewed talked about what happened with their results when they started following every single thing in the game plan that he had given them. He did not wing it. Don’t wing your day. Be persistent, be consistent, and I promise you, you’ll improve your results. That’s my best tip on the tip of the day on CBT News.