CNCDA President Brian Maas weighs in on Gov. Newsom’s order to ban new gas-powered vehicles


Last week California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, signed an order banning the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles by the year 2035. This bold move set a precedent for sales moving forward in that state and others could possibly follow. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Brian Maas, President of the California New Car Dealers Association, or CNCDA, to take a closer look at this ban and regulations in his state and the effect they might have on dealers.

In an effort to reduce emissions and fight climate change, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced an unprecedented plan for the state to ban sales of all new vehicles powered by fossil fuels. According to this plan, California will spend the next 15 years phasing out gas and diesel-powered vehicles before implementing the ban in 2035. 

In Maas’ words, Californians witness first hand how rapidly their climate is changing, and residents generally support efforts that reduce the carbon footprint. However, automotive retailers are nervous about how this order and subsequent regulations will affect the market. Maas says these concerns need to be addressed before the state moves ahead with the mandate.

California dealers are understandably concerned about consumer affordability and adoption. While the state is the leader in EV adoption, electric vehicles still come in way under 10% of all new vehicles sold, including Tesla vehicles. There are also questions about infrastructure, including high-speed charging stations.

Maas also highlights some critical secondary issues like how the ban will affect new and used markets in the later years leading up to 2035. Purchases made by Californias out-of-state are also concerning to dealers.

While many of Maas’ dealer members are supportive of these types of clean air initiatives, he reminds us that there is a big difference between a goal and a mandate.

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