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Dealerships embrace digital retailing, Tesla introduces Supercharger fees, Sheehy Auto raises $340K for heart health

Inside Automotive 

Danny Zaslavsky joins Inside Automotive to discuss the used car market and why dealers need to refine their appraisal methods.Used car market trends: why dealers are turning to multichannel acquisitions — Danny Zaslavsky
The used car market has experienced more ups and downs than any other automotive segment in recent years as consumer demands shift in response to pricing and new car availability. With inventory on the rise and the first used electric vehicles going on sale, dealers will need to pay close attention in the coming months to stay on top of emerging trends in preowned retail. On this episode of Inside Automotive, hosts Jim Fitzpatrick and Shyann Malone are joined by Danny Zaslavsky, managing partner of Country Hill Motors and co-founder of VINCUE. Watch the full segment here

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Dealers have grown more accustomed to digital retailing tools, with the number of stores offering a fully online experience rising to 40%.The adoption of digital retailing tools among dealers has expanded in 2023, with the percentage of storefronts offering a fully online car-buying experience increasing from 30% to 40% in the span of a single year. According to Cox Automotive, the retail automotive sector has steadily grown more accustomed to online car shopping, consequently experiencing improvements in customer relationships, deal-making, teamwork and F&I. Better access to platforms specifically designed for the dealership and increased participation from consumers has also increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the car industry’s digital retailing operations. Read More

Tesla is implementing a "congestion fee" at select Supercharger locations in an effort to combat long wait times amidst rising demand.Tesla will charge certain drivers a “Supercharger Congestion Fee” at a limited number of charging sites across the U.S. in an effort to reduce wait times and improve the customer experience. Only some customers will be penalized under the company’s current plan. Drivers who attempt to charge their electric vehicle over 90%, or in some cases 80%, according to Electrek, will receive an alert in the Tesla app. Choosing to ignore the notification and complete charging will result in a one-dollar-per-minute fee until the vehicle is disconnected or the battery is full, although owners will receive a five-minute grace period to unplug the charging cable and leave the station. Furthermore, Tesla noted in an article on its website that it will only apply the fee if the Supercharger location is “busy.” Read More

Sheehy Auto Stores has raised more than $340,000 for the American Heart Association in 2023, continuing its 11-year partnership.
Vince Sheehy, President of Sheehy Auto Stores, presents a donation to Soula Antoniou, Executive Director of the American Heart Association.

Virginia-based Sheehy Auto Stores has raised $341,476 in 2023 to support the American Heart Association (AHA), continuing its long-term commitment to fight heart disease and improve health. The dealership group began its partnership with the AHA in 2014, launching the “Sheehy Has Heart” campaign to raise money and awareness. Since then, the company has donated $2,649,150 to the organization and supported its efforts to engage with American citizens. In addition to fundraising, Sheehy Auto Stores sponsored the AHA’s #MoveMoreDC initiative, encouraging communities to participate in National Walking Day. Read More

For Dealers 

In this article, we will de­lve into the effectiveness of online vehicle me­rchandising and provide practical tips to help you achieve success in this crucial area.7 tips for enhancing your dealership’s online vehicle merchandising strategy
In today’s fast-paced digital age­, having a robust strategy for showcasing your dealership’s vehicles online­ is not just a passing trend – it’s absolutely vital. With 80% of car shoppers conside­ring making their vehicle purchase­ online, how you present your inve­ntory on the internet can significantly influe­nce your sales and competitive­ness. In this article, we will de­lve into the effectiveness of online vehicle me­rchandising and provide practical tips to help you achieve success in this crucial area. Read More

By prioritizing the customer experience, dealers can cultivate a community of brand advocates that generate repeat business and referrals.Why customer experience is your dealership’s ultimate marketing tool
In the dim glow of a local dealership, Sarah drove off the lot with her brand-new sedan. Instead of feeling like just another sale, the dealership made her feel like family. From the initial greeting to the in-depth discussions about features and the thoughtful post-purchase follow-up, every interaction was designed to ensure her complete satisfaction. Customers like Sarah aren’t just one-time customers; she’s now a vocal advocate for the dealership on every platform she frequents. And this experience will attract others with higher expectations regarding personalized customer service, proactive pricing, and successful omnichannel experiences. Read More

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