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Tesla tracking driver drowsiness, average car age, NHTSA recall rejected

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Hiers lifetime warrantyThe surprising way Boniface Hiers Auto Group doubled its service revenue
Customer retention has increasingly become more critical and a more prominent factor when contributing to the success of dealerships today. With more options available to their customers, Boniface Hiers began offering a lifetime powertrain warranty, nearly doubling their service department revenue. On today’s Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome back AJ Hiers, President of Boniface Hiers Automotive Group, to share more. Watch full segment here.

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Tesla will now analyze driver behavior to measure drowsiness, even when Autopilot and Full Self-Driving are disengagedTesla vehicles are now measuring drowsiness by tracking the number of times a driver yawns or blinks. The new practice was not announced by the electric vehicle brand, but rather discovered by a hacker who has gained popularity for exposing hidden elements in the company’s software updates. While an interior camera already checks for inattentive behavior when driver assistance is engaged, the new system goes a step further by tracking driver sleepiness during the whole trip. The automaker has been the subject of multiple investigations for its lack of monitoring measures, which agencies worry could lead to more accidents. Read More

According to a new S&P Global study, U.S. drivers are holding onto their used vehicles longer than ever beforeA new S&P Global study suggests that U.S. drivers are holding onto their cars for longer. The firm’s research found that between 2022 and 2023 the average age of light vehicles grew by three months to hit 12.5 years, the largest jump since the 2008 recession. The duration of car ownership has increased for six consecutive years, accelerating towards the end of the COVID pandemic under supply chain constraints and economic headwinds. S&P expects this trend to reverse soon due to normalizing pressures on the car market. Read More

A request by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall 67 million cars over faulty airbag inflators was denied on May 12 by ARC Automotive. According to the administration, the inflators can rupture, exposing vehicle occupants to shrapnel. ARC supplies the parts to major brands such as General Motors, Hyundai and Stellantis, but argued that the regulatory agency is basing the demand on only seven cases where the components caused driver injuries. GM has already agreed to recall 1 million units to address the NHTSA’s concerns. Read More

Ed Morse AutomotiveEd Morse Automotive Group announced the purchase of two Illinois dealerships on May 11. Originally owned by Crowe Auto Group, Ed Morse Ford and Ed Morse Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM are located in the Kewanee and Geneseo municipalities of Henry County. The acquisition expands the dealer organization’s presence in the Illinois and Iowa region, and brings its total number of sites across the U.S. to 40. Ed Morse Group has been in business for 75 years and remains family-owned under CEO Teddy Morse, the grandson of the founder. Read More

For Dealers

What’s your dealership’s unique selling proposition?
Can you rattle off two or three reasons why customers should choose your store over the competition? If not, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and identify your dealership’s unique selling proposition (USP). Let’s first define a USP. At its core, a unique selling proposition sets a business apart from its competitors. From a dealer’s perspective, a USP answers the question, “Why should a customer buy a car from your company rather than from a dealer in the next town?” Read More

Leveraging first-party data instead of third-party cookie-based marketing gives dealers more control over customer retention and acquisition.Marketing challenges dealers can solve with a customer data platform: Key findings from the PureCars Customer Data Survey
By now, you’ve likely heard that Google has planned to phase out third-party cookies in 2024. In the digital marketing landscape, the third-party cookie has been a key component for collecting data and targeting customers for years. This change to a cookieless environment will require dealers to pivot to marketing strategies that focus on using their first-party data. This data is owned by the dealership and collected directly from consumers through interactions with a dealer’s website, other digital properties, or in-person interactions. Read More

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