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GM’s Q4 earnings surge, Toyota remains best-selling automaker, VinFast offers massive lease discount


On the latest episode of CBT Now, Chris Voss bestselling author of Never Split the Difference: Negotiate as if your life depends on it, joinsUsing negotiation and emotional intelligence to seal the deal – Chris Voss | The Black Swan Group
Joining us on the latest episode of CBT Now is Chris Voss, CEO of The Black Swan Group and Keynote Speaker. Voss was the lead international hostage and kidnapping negotiator for the FBI and is a bestselling author of Never Split the Difference: Negotiate as if Your Life Depends on it. Watch the full segment here

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Despite possible headwinds in the economy and sales, GM exceeded Wall Street's projections for Q4 and is predicting another successful year.
General Motors CEO Mary Barra

Despite possible headwinds in the economy and sales, General Motors (GM) exceeded Wall Street’s projections for both its top and bottom lines in the fourth quarter and is predicting another successful year. The automaker’s more optimistic outlook is due to its belief that its major issues for 2023 are behind it rather than an anticipated improvement in sales both domestically and internationally. Read More

Toyota remained the world's best-selling car manufacturer in 2023 but remains on the defensive after a series of safety scandals in Japan.Toyota defended its title as the world’s best-selling automaker in 2023 for the fourth year in a row but remains on the defensive after a series of scandals involving its subsidiary companies in Japan. The car manufacturer saw sales rise 7.2% over 2022 across its brands, delivering a total of 11.23 million units. Sales to overseas customers reached an all-time high, growing 4.1% annually to hit 8.93 million units. Read More

However, Vinfast has recently reduced the car's lease price, making it one of the most affordable new cars to lease in the U.S.
2023 Vinfast VF8

Vinfasts’ VF 8 has had a rough start to the U.S. market, facing several difficulties and negative reviews. However, the EV manufacturer has recently reduced the car’s lease price, making it one of the most affordable new cars to lease in the U.S. Before, customers were able to lease the VF 8 by making an upfront payment of $4,594 and paying $399 per month for 36 months. This brought the total monthly leasing cost to $527. Read More

Two Republican lawmakers are calling on federal authorities to investigate the relationship between Ford and several Chinese companies.
Ford CEO Jim Farley

Two House Republicans holding chair positions on two key committees are calling on the federal government to investigate alleged ties between automaker Ford and four unnamed Chinese business partners. The accusations focus on the automaker’s $3.5 billion new battery manufacturing facility currently under construction in Michigan. Read More

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Learn how Gubagoo has mastered the art of streamlining your dealership's sales processes by focusing on deals instead of leads.Why you should work deals, not leads
Conventionally, a vehicle sale kicks off with a lead, which ideally transitions into a deal. This may seem straightforward, but in reality, it’s far from it. The pursuit of most leads often feels like an endless chase, leaving much to be desired. Think about it—how many hours has your team invested in phone-tag this month? How many emails remained unanswered, despite the customer’s information being marked as a hot lead?  Read More

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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