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Automotive brand loyalty awards, Chinese car imports raise alarm, BYD unveils luxury EV

Inside Automotive 

Explore insights from the Niello Company's Tully Williams on transforming automotive service drives, EV trends, AI integration, and more.Tully Williams shares his blueprint for improving the dealership service experience
In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the service drive has emerged as a critical touchpoint for dealerships to address customer needs and foster long-term loyalty. On the recent episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Tully Williams, Fixed Operations Director at the Niello Company based in Sacramento, California, who shares transformative strategies to enhance the service drive experience. Watch the full segment here

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S&P Global Mobility's Annual Automotive Loyalty Awards highlights the automakers, models and dealers that continue to win customers' hearts.Brand loyalty remains a critical factor in automotive marketing but has been declining for several years, making events such as S&P Global Mobility’s Annual Automotive Loyalty Awards important resources for both dealers and manufacturers that help identify potential solutions for improving customer retention. Here are the most notable accomplishments from this year’s list of winners. Read More

The U.S. Trade Association warns American Automakers of a threat posed by low-cost imports of Chinese vehicles from Mexico.
Trade Representative Katherine Tai

The Alliance for American Manufacturing has expressed concerns in a recent report regarding the threat posed by low-cost imports of Chinese vehicles from Mexico to the survival of American automakers. The U.S. Trade Association warns that such imports could have disastrous effects on the U.S. auto industry and urges the Biden administration to take action to prevent their importation. The report highlights that the low cost of these vehicles is due to the funding and support provided by the Chinese government. Read More

BYD claims its upcoming $233,000 U9 luxury electric supercar can reach top speeds of 192 miles per hour, outpacing select Ferrari models.
BYD Yangwang U9, Image Source: BYD

China-based car manufacturer BYD has revealed new details and a launch timeline for its new premium electric “supercar,” the U9, which it claims can compete with luxury sports models from brands like Ferrari in terms of speed. BYD luxury brand Yangwang will launch the performance-focused model this summer with a starting price of $233,424. Read More

Despite the tighter tax credits, all EVs receive the full $7,500 when leasing. Thus, more people than ever before are leasing EVs. 
Hyundai IONIQ 5 | Hyundai

The tighter federal tax credit for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has a loophole that limits the rebates to $3,750 for vehicles made in North America and an additional $3,750 for domestic batteries. However, all EVs receive the full $7,500 when leasing. Thus, more people than ever before are leasing EVs. Read More

For Dealers 

Experts expect vehicle affordability to remain a problem in 2024. Check out my conversation with Lotlinx CEO Len Short to find out why.
Len Short, executive chairman and CEO of Lotlinx

2024 auto industry steers through vehicle affordability, inventory roadblocks
As the automotive retail industry settles into 2024, there’s cautious optimism about returning to ‘near-normal’ vehicle inventory levels. This is a welcome change from the shortages that began in 2020. But, inventory challenges still loom, especially when it comes to vehicle affordability putting pressure on consumers. Read More

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